Vimy Ridge Memorial - July 26, 1936

Vimy Ridge Memorial Unveiled 80 Years Ago Today

Brantford Expositor - July 27, 1937 - Editorial

Tribute at Vimy

“And so, in dedicating this memorial to our fallen comrades, our thoughts turn rather to the splendor of their sacrifice and to the consecration of our love for them than to the cannonade which beat upon this Ridge a score of years ago.  In that spirit, in a spirit of thankfulness for their example, of reverence for their devotion and of pride in their comradeship, I unveil this memorial to Canada’s dead.”

With these words, yesterday, His Majesty the King unveiled, on the crest of Vimy Ridge, Canada’s great national memorial to her dead at the scene of the greatest of the triumphs of the Canadian Corps in the War.

It was a singularly impressive event, the significance of which became the more inescapable as listeners caught the feeling so clearly conveyed in the simple dignity by which the ceremony was characterized.

There, in the midst of the hallowed acres deeded by a grateful France to her staunch ally, had assembled a great concourse including thousands who, themselves, nineteen years before, had fought over that same familiar ground and elsewhere along the Western Front.  And it was highly fitting that they, together with members of their families and with many of the next-of-kin of their comrades who march now with the Host Invisible, should have been present to participate in the moving and memorable tribute.

It was, moreover, a Service of Remembrance in which their comrades at home and all the people of this Dominion were privileged to join as proceedings were vividly relayed to these shores through the linking medium of radio.

And as the service proceeded and the voice of His Majesty rang clearly across intervening leagues annihilated by man’s magic, this land and that sanctified bit of Canada in France were inseparably and eternally linked.  All Canada joined in His Majesty’s feeling tribute.  All Canada, too, echoed the tersely eloquent plea of her Prime Minister to the nations of Europe reminding them that a world at peace was the only memorial worthy of the valor and sacrifice of those who laid down their lives.

May that earnest entreaty not pass unheeded.