World War 1 German War Trophy, Brantford, Ontario

The Gun(s) of Jubilee Terrace Park, Brantford, Ontario, Canada

After the First World War, 1914-1918, The City of Brantford received as war trophies one German Heavy Howitzer and one 7.7 cm Field Gun, which were given to this community by the Canadian Government for the part we played during the Great War.

Since June of 1920, both of these guns kept silent vigil in Jubilee Terrace Park, except for a brief period in 1980 when they were removed and sent to the city yards on Earl Street for some much needed restoration work.

Later, both of these guns were put back on public display in the park until the 7.7 Field Gun was removed and sent to the Canadian Military Heritage Museum. 

Currently, the sole howitzer watching over the park has fallen victim to the ravages of time and is in need of some restoration work. At present, an offer was made from the Canadian Military Heritage Museum to exchange a Canadian 25-pounder field gun for this German First World War, war trophy. 

It is important to note that Brantford was chosen specifically for this howitzer by A.W. Pratt, the Acting O.C. of the 116th Battalion when he wrote Mayor MacBride in 1918 stating:

“During the operations in front of Amiens during August this year this battalion captured a number of field guns and machine guns.  We have a number of officers and men from your city in this unit, and in view of the gallant work done by them during these operations, we would ask you to accept on behalf of the battalion a 5.9 German howitzer, No. 373, carriage No. 935, which we have asked the officer in charge of trophies to forward you.”

As much as these guns are trophies of war, they also act as memorials to commemorate the memory and sacrifice of the men and women serving overseas.

Below, you will see the names of some of the men from Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations who Participated in the Battle of Amiens. Most of these men were seconded from their previous units into the 116th Battalion.  Click on their names to find out more. 

William Aaron: Died of Wounds

Charles Barlow: Died of Wounds

Hugh Dalton Livingston: Killed in Action

Franklin Walter Ott MC: Killed in Action

Arthur Graham Weir: Killed in Action

Franklin Jay Brown: Wounded

Gordon Brown: Wounded

Roy Townley Brown MC

Percival Edwin James: Wounded

Douglas James Macdonald: Wounded

Samuel William Seago: Wounded

Donald McGeary Waterous: Wounded

Howard Kenneth Wood MC: Wounded

Lest We Forget

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