The Battle for Hill 70 - Six Nations and World War One

Battle of Hill 70 - Who Will You Remember?

During the Battle of Hill 70, more than 9,000 Canadians were killed, wounded or taken prisoner between August 15 and August 25, 1917.  The following list represents the men from Brantford, Brant County and the Six Nations who were casualties from the time the Canadian Corp relieved I Corps of the British Army on July 10 (opposite the City of Lens) until the end of operations on August 25.

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Albert Charles Ballinger

Charles Barlow

Austin Arlington Beckett 

Amos Edmund Beney

Lloyd Clifford Curley

Harry John Hammond

Andrew Timerman Harrison

John Hately

William Ernest Henson

Harrison Homer

Edward Hutchings

Percy Roy Lickers

Welby Howard Lottridge

George Ernest Lowe

Bertram Markham

Wallace Marr

William Geoffrey McCosh

Angus Lawrence McIntyre

James Norman Stewart McKenzie

Matthew Overton

Frederick Parker

Thomas Henry Sears

Frederick Charles Thompson

Cowan Dunn Wallace

Ralph Westbrook

Simon Wilson


William Gordon Allison

Robert Anson Atkins - Later Killed in Action, November 10, 1918

Albert Bennett

Nelson Bomberry

Edward James Chandler

Edward Christie

Elmer James Clinch

William George Crouch DCM

Andrew Donaldson

John Joseph Donohue

Harry Ewing Duke

Ernest William Dyer

Alfred Eames

Louis Ernest Edwards

Thomas Field

Lloyd Green

Edward Burty Groat - Later Killed in Action, October 1, 1918

William Gunn

Henry David Hamilton

William John Churchill Hannaford

Thomas Hession

William Hickson

Robert Hill

William Richard Hockridge

Austin House

James Agnew Howard

Thomas Andrew John

William Canoe Johnson

Onslow Reid Johnson

Anderson Joseph

Wilfred Judge

David Edward Kelly

Lawrence Kelly

John Wesley Laforme

Hector Latremouille

David Lewis

Arthur Hereward Livingston

Samuel Henry Lowe

Thomas Mountpleasant

William Frederick Myring MM

William Bellview Nock

Alfred George Plumer

Frank Porter

Daniel Post

David Post

William Frederick Powless

Harry Pratt

Harry James Rowland

John Eldon Stephenson MM

David Edward Stewart

Bruce Stipe

John Taylor

Robert Taylor

John Earle Tolhurst

John Housson William Tooze

Roy Frederick Vandecar

John Austin Williamson

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