Paris, Ontario War Memorial - First World War Names

The following names are a combination of those listed from the Paris Roll of Honour, 1919 and the Paris War Memorial Dedication Roll, 1930.  The names followed by an asterisk are unknown.

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Victor Alvus Arding

Kenneth Milan Astle

Dorothy Mary Yarwood Baldwin

Charles Ball

Earle Victor Barker

Charles Barlow

Walter Frederick Becker

Cecil George Birley

Arthur Wilfred Blackman
James Blaney 

Walter Bradbury 

Joseph Brewis

George Raymond Brier

George Brown
Thomas William Brown
William Alexander Brown

Clifford Oliver Burgess

James William Cahill

George Arthur Caile

John Campbell

Brisbane J.H. Carnegie

Harry Hugh Carroll
Thomas Arthur Cassady
James William Chapman
Lewis Clegg

Michael Connolly
Henry James Cox
George Henry Cracknell 
James Crawford

Hugh Dewey Crooks

Sidney Charles Curl
Lewis Edwards Drake
Asa Dye

Gordon Sinclair Elliott
William English
Edward Evans

James Baker Findlay
Charles Arthur Franks

Arthur Gibbons

Cyril Herbert Gilham

John Groggins

Sydney Arthur Guylee

Harold Hartley

Roy Ewart Gladstone Henry
James Robert Herriot

James Hinshelwood

William Henry Hinchcliffe

Frank Hitchman

Edward Hutchings
Walter Weyburn Long
William Stanley MacDonald
William Arthur Hubert MacDowell
Arthur Verrant Marriott

Harry Mattingley
Daniel Showers Maus
Jairus Maus
William Geoffrey McCosh

Urban McKinnon
Charles Leonard McKie
Fergus George McLaughlin
Lawrence Benedict Moore
Joseph Morris
William Arthur Moyle

Percy John Munn

Ivor Harrington Murray

Ralph Drake Newbrooke

Ralph Newstead

David Reid Peel
Walter William Perry

John Murdock Peters
Vernon Frank Postill
Arthur Harper Qua
Lorne Henry Rehder

Alfred Henry Richardson
George Alexander Richardson
Albert Edward Frost Robinson
Walter Rowe
Rudolph Herbert Sass

John Simpson Scott
Roy James Inksater Sewell
Joseph Shannon
James Hudson Shawcross

William George Chapman Stevens
Ben Stevenson
James Stevenson

Mackie Ogle Stewart
James Thomson
Waldron Watson Wallace
John Francis Leo Watson

Russell McKenzie Wilson


Other names for your consideration

Missed Name:
William Mears

Born in Paris, Ontario and moved away to different cities or provinces. Names followed by an asterisk are listed on the Brant County War Memorial.

William Henry Barry
Charles Arnold Grant
Harry Heald

Alfred Townley Heming
Percy Hill

Leonard Burnley Kitchen *
Norman Alexander Markle
Angus Lawrence McIntyre *
Thomas Pearson
Claude Erland Smith *
Thomas McKenzie Stewart *
Bertram Arthur Wall *  

Memorial Plaque Names

Memorial Plaques in Paris, Ontario where residents and former residents etc. are listed. Names followed by an asterisk are listed on the Brant County War Memorial.

Charles Edward Ford *

Alexander Eccles
Evan Francis Kerruish
Percy Ray O'Neill *

Vernon Scott O’Neill *


Names mentioned in the Brantford Expositor that have a strong Paris connection.

Ivor Charlie Plaskett