Howard K. Harris and Lawren S. Harris.  Lawren Harris Week, Brantford, Ontario

Lawren and Howard Harris

Lawren Stewart Harris was born on October 23, 1885 at 150 Brant Avenue in Brantford, Ontario.  Harris is best known as a founding member of the famous Canadian art movement known as the Group of Seven.

World War 1 German War Trophy, Brantford, Ontario

The Gun(s) of Jubilee Terrace Park, Brantford, Ontario, Canada

After the First World War, 1914-1918, The City of Brantford received as war trophies one German Heavy Howitzer and one 7.7 cm Field Gun, which were given to this community by the Canadian Government for the part we played during the Great War.

Since June of 1920, both of these guns kept silent vigil in Jubilee Terrace Park, except for a brief period in 1980 when they were removed and sent to the city yards on Earl Street for some much needed restoration work.

Vimy Ridge Memorial - July 26, 1936

Vimy Ridge Memorial Unveiled 80 Years Ago Today

Brantford Expositor - July 27, 1937 - Editorial

Tribute at Vimy

“And so, in dedicating this memorial to our fallen comrades, our thoughts turn rather to the splendor of their sacrifice and to the consecration of our love for them than to the cannonade which beat upon this Ridge a score of years ago.  In that spirit, in a spirit of thankfulness for their example, of reverence for their devotion and of pride in their comradeship, I unveil this memorial to Canada’s dead.”

Battle of the Somme - Colonial Theatre Brantford

Remembering the Battle of the Somme

Battalions attacked in four or eight waves, not more than 100 yards apart, the men in each almost shoulder to shoulder, in a symmetrical well-dressed alignment and taught to advance steadily upright at a slow walk….[E]ach man carried about 66 lbs, over half his own body weight, which made it difficult to get out of a trench, impossible to move quicker than a slow walk or to rise and lie down quickly…even an army mule, the proverbial natural beast of burden, is only expected to carry a third of his own weight.