Patriotic Leagues

Local support for the war went well beyond recruitment and enlistment.

There was an immediate recognition that the war effort would take more than soldiers.  People also realized that the community had a responsibility to care for the families left behind by men headed overseas.

Within days of war being declared, the community responded with a major fundraising campaign to support the families of the men who had enlisted and were headed to Europe. The Brant Patriotic and War Relief Fund was established and a community-wide fundraising campaign began with the slogan “Give, give, give until you feel it, and then give a little more.”[1]

The campaign included 15 teams of 150 businessmen who were led by captains charged with the responsibility of raising the funds. The goal was to raise $50,000 and when that target was met, the goal was boosted to $100,000.

Some of the money – about 80¢ a day per man – came from the pay of men heading overseas. Local organizations, churches, community groups, companies and professional organizations all came up with ways to contribute to either the war effort or the care of loved ones.[2]

[1] “Give, Give, Give” Brantford Expositor, September 23, 1914.

[2] Brantford Expositor, August 21, 1914.     

Brantford WWI Patriotic League GIVE GIVE GIVE