Albert James Abbott

Regimental number: 
Unit at enlistment: 
4th Canadian Mounted Rifles
Volunteered or conscripted: 
Survived the war: 
Birth country: 
Birth county: 
Greater London
Birth city: 
Address at enlistment: 
3 Brant Street, Brantford, Ontario
Next of kin address: 
237 Yorkshire Street, Guelph, Ontario
Trade or calling: 
Religious denominations: 
Church of England
Marital status: 
Age at enlistment: 

Letters and documents

BX January 6, 1916

“Something From Home” Greatly Appreciated by Men in Trenches – Gifts of Brant Chapter, I.O.D.E. Were Made Very Welcome at Christmas Time – Letters Received From Some of the Recipients Tell of the Conditions Under Which Fight is Made

To a man on active service, the greatest luxury obtainable is “something from home.”  When the Christmas gifts, forwarded by Brant Chapter, I.O.D.E., to officers at the front were received on the firing line, the joy was great. In terms of deep gratitude the recipients have replied to the donors, in the following letters among others:

December 14, 1915

To the Secretary,
Brant Chapter, I.O.D.E.,
Brantford, Canada 

Dear Madame,

Being a happy recipient of that delightful “preserve” I have the utmost pleasure in expressing the Brantford boys’ appreciation for your kind thoughts. We received it immediately after we had withdrawn from the trenches, after having had a strenuous spell, in which we lost three of our “Brantford boys.”

The word was breathed around that a present had arrived from the Daughters of the Empire while we were actually in the trenches, so it will be most gratifying to know that the brave boys that have gone knew until their last that they were filling the thoughts of the splendid Daughters of the Empire.
We all join in thanking you again, and further wishing you a very prosperous New Year.

Yours truly,

A. Abbott,
S.S.M. 4th C.M.R.
Late of the 25th