Richard Gilbert

Regimental number: 
Unit at enlistment: 
36th Battalion
Volunteered or conscripted: 
Survived the war: 
Prisoner of war: 
Commemorated at: 
Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Birth country: 
Birth county: 
Birth city: 
Address at enlistment: 
13 Aberdeen Avenue, Brantford, Ontario
Next of kin address: 
13 Aberdeen Avenue, Brantford, Ontario
Trade or calling: 
Slingsby Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Religious denominations: 
Church of England
Marital status: 
Age at enlistment: 

Letters and documents

BX April 24, 1917

Word has been received by Richard Gilbert of 13 Aberdeen Avenue that his son, Pte. Frederick Edward Gilbert of the R.C.R. has been admitted to the hospital at Boulogne suffering from shell shock.  Also that his other son, Pte. Richard Gilbert, Jr., of the R.C.R., is reported missing since April 9.  The former enlisted with the 111th Battalion at Galt, and the latter with the 36th Battalion from this city.

BX July 4, 1917

Pte. Richard Gilbert of Brantford, who enlisted in Toronto with one of the third contingent battalions, is reported as a prisoner but wounded. He had been missing since Vimy Ridge.

BX January 22, 1918

Now Repatriated

Official word has been received that Private Richard Gilbert who left here with the 36th Battalion, and who has been a prisoner of war for some time has been repatriated.  Gilbert belonged to Lieutenant Frank Dickson’s platoon and was later transferred to a battalion in France.

BX January 22, 1918

Released from German Camp – Pte. Richard Gilbert is Now on His Way to England

A telegram was received on Saturday morning last by Mrs. Gilbert, 13 Aberdeen Avenue, stating that her son, Private Richard Gilbert was being sent from a German prison camp to be interned in Holland.  Since then a second telegram has arrived informing her that he was on his way to England.  Pte. Gilbert enlisted with the 36th Battalion in December, 1914, and left Niagara Camp for overseas on the 18th of June, 1915.  In England he was transferred to the R.C.R.’s.  Twice at the front he received accidental injuries to his ribs, but was not wounded in battle until the 9th of April last when he was hurt in the thigh.  At this time he was taken prisoner.  In the same battle, but without knowledge of his brother’s presence, was a second son, Pte. Fred Gilbert, who went overseas with the 111th Galt Battalion.  He too, was later transferred to the R.C.R.’s.  Pte. Richard Gilbert is unmarried and resided at 13 Aberdeen Avenue before going overseas and was in the employ of the Massey-Harris Co., of this city.

BX October 7, 1916

Private Richard Gilbert of 13 Aberdeen Avenue is also reported wounded. He is single, English by birth and went overseas with the third contingent. He previously had two years experience with the territorial’s.

BX October 10, 1916

Officially Reported

In yesterday’s casualty lists five Brantford names appeared, but all their casualties had been announced before in the Expositor, the news having come to relatives. The names in the list are Pte. Edward Kane, Pte. Lee Butler, Pte. George Caswell, Pte. Richard Gilbert and Sergeant Albert Speechly killed in action.