William English

Regimental number: 
Unit at enlistment: 
125th Battalion
Volunteered or conscripted: 
Survived the war: 
Date of death: 
October 18th, 1918
Pecquencourt Communal Cemetery - North-West Corner
Commemorated at: 
St. Paul's Methodist Church (Paris)
Birth country: 
Birth county: 
Birth city: 
Paris, Ontario
Address at enlistment: 
Paris, Ontario
Next of kin address: 
Paris, Ontario
Trade or calling: 
Penmans No. 9 Mill
Religious denominations: 
Marital status: 
Age at enlistment: 

Letters and documents

Circumstances of Casualty: Killed in Action. During military operations in the vicinity of the village of Pecquencourt, he was hit in the head by shrapnel from an enemy shell, which burst close to him, and instantly killed.

BX November 4, 1918

Paris Again Hit by Casualties – Privates William English and William Henry Hinchcliffe Make Supreme Sacrifice

PARIS, Nov. 4. – Another Paris boy to give up his life in the great struggle for freedom is Private William English, his father, Mr. Thomas English, receiving official word from Ottawa Saturday that he had been killed in action on October 18. Deceased, enlisted in 1915 in the 125th Battalion, and on arrival overseas was transferred to the 4th Battalion, and had been in France for about two years. Just a year ago this month he was reported wounded and gassed. Private English, who was in his 22nd year, was born in Paris, and was the third eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas English. He was a member of the Methodist Church, and at time of enlistment was employed in Penman’s No. 9 mill. Besides his parents he leaves four brothers and two sisters, John, Edward, Pearson, Robert and Bessie and Daisy, all of Paris, who will have the sympathy of the community in their bereavement.

November 15, 1917

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas English received official notification from Ottawa yesterday that their son, Private William English was lying dangerously ill in No. 35 General Hospital, Calais, being admitted to the hospital on November 10. Private English went overseas with the 125th Battalion.