How the last Gallipoli gunboat was saved

An article in the The Daily Telegraph provides a revealing look at the restoration of a WWI ship that played a role in an event some would choose to forget.

"She was a pretty dismal ship that fought a pretty dismal campaign. But now, a century after she was commissioned by Winston Churchill, HMS M33 is set to play a central role in commemorating one of the most shambolic episodes of the First World War."

The article by Tom Rowley, describes one of the few remaining warships from the First World War, and the only one to have served at Gallipoli, where 50,000 Allied servicemen died without gaining an inch of soil.

"The gunboat, which bombarded the Turkish coast during the disastrous Gallipoli campaign of 1915 and 1916, is to undergo a $4.3 million restoration in time for the operation’s centenary next year. Restoration work is underway in a dry dock at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard."

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