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Free downloads of curriculum-related educational resources are being developed by practicing educators using the GWCA database and web resource.

Ontario Curriculum Expectations

History: Grade 8 - Canada: a Changing Society (2004 revised curriculum)

By the end of Grade 8, students will:
• describe key characteristics of Canada between 1885 and 1914, including social and economic conditions, the roles and contributions of various people and groups, internal and external pressures for change, and the political responses to these pressures;
use a variety of resources and tools to gather, process, and communicate information about the factors that shaped Canada as it was entering the twentieth century;
• compare living and working conditions, technological developments, and social roles near the beginning of the twentieth century with similar aspects of life in present-day Canada.

Canadian History since World War I, Grade 10 Academic (CHC2D)

A: Historical Inquiry and Skill Development

A1. Historical Inquiry: use the historical inquiry process and the concepts of historical thinking when 
investigating aspects of Canadian history since 1914

B: Canada, 1914-1929

B1. Social, Economic, and Political Context: describe some key social, economic, and political events
trends, and developments between 1914 and 1929, and assess their significance for different groups 
in Canada (FOCUS ON: Historical Significance; Historical Perspective) 
B2. Communities, Conflict, and Cooperation: analyse some key interactions within and between 
different communities in Canada
, and between Canada and the international community, from 
1914 to 1929, and how they affected Canadian society and politics (FOCUS ON: Historical Significance; 
Cause and Consequence) 
B3. Identity, Citizenship, and Heritage: explain how various individuals, organizations, and specific 
social changes
between 1914 and 1929 contributed to the development of identity, citizenship, and 
in Canada (FOCUS ON: Continuity and Change; Historical Perspective


  • By grade 12, students are required to do a more in-depth, topic-based analysis of major events, including the First World War.

The GWCA database and website are excellent resources which can enhance a teacher's lessons.  It allows students to explore major topics related to Canada's involvement in the Great War, from a distinctly local perspective.

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